3D Interconnects

The computer and server manufacturers are in constant push for the increased data transmission rates in there products. This requires a careful electromagnetic analysis of the onboard signal channel, power planes, as well as 3D connectors interfacing the circuit boards. Below we demonstrate Wave3D simulation results for a fragment of Molex connector at 37.5GHz.


Fig. 1: Design of Molex connector (US Patent 0087196A1, 2004) and the model of its 16-conductor fragment (right) consisting of 50,870 triangle elements discretizing the pins and 436,694 tetrahedral elements discretizing the dielectric casing.


Fig. 2: Left subplot shows instantaneous surface current distribution on the conductors of the connector and the surrounding electric field. Right subplot depicts both surface current magnitude and volume polarization current magnitude. The frequency of operation is 37.5GHz. Pin length is about 20mm.


Fig. 3: Instantaneous distribution of near electric field (left, center) and magnetic field at t=0 s in the cross-section of the Molex connector fragment at 37.5GHz.