CEMWorks Inc. is a Winnipeg-based Canadian company founded in 2011. Here, we develop a comprehensive platform for electromagnetic simulations. We strongly believe in the urgent need of applying cutting-edge research to real-world problems. At CEMWorks, we strive to enable large-scale accurate simulations for the upcoming smart cities, autonomous self-driving cars, 5G networks, computer chip interconnects, new generations of antennas, and many other areas where electromagnetic simulations play a crucial role in the design optimization, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement.

Several trade-secret electromagnetic solver technologies have been developed at CEMWorks; however, our key asset is the team. Please, meet the people who already made and continues to make CEMWorks successful:

Jon Aronsson

Jonatan Aronsson

President and Founder


Anton Menshov

Anton Menshov

Vice President of Engineering

Cielo Gerrie

Vice President of Business Development

Farhad Sheikh Hosseini Lori

R&D Engineer

Nima Chamanara

Senior R&D Scientist

Troy Lowry

Junior R&D Scientist

Emily Thompson


Andre Fecteau

André Fecteau

Computational Scientist

Aykut Dengi

Aykut Dengi


Marc Payawal

Junior R&D Scientist

Vladimir Okhmatovski