CEMWorks R&D Team Shares Expertise in the Analysis of Multilayered Media

CEMWorks is proud to announce that our R&D team members, Jonatan Aronsson and Anton Menshov are major contributors to the chapter “New Trends in Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields in Multilayered Media”. This chapter can be found in the new IET book on Computational Electromagnetics.

In this chapter, our experts (together with their peers from the University of Manitoba and Xpeedic Technology) share their expertise in fast and accurate algorithms for the characterization of large-scale structures residing in the multilayered medium. The chapter features both mathematical foundations of the algorithms, as well as guidelines on their application to practical problems. Among others, an accurate solution to a 1-million surface unknowns board benchmark from Intel Corporation is demonstrated as an example of a large-scale electronic design automation problem.  

We would like to especially thank Prof. Vladimir Okhmatovski at the University of Manitoba for his tireless effort in directing and coordinating the writing of this book chapter.    

Book Abstract:

“Computational electromagnetics is an active research area concerned with the development and implementation of numerical methods and techniques for rigorous solutions to physical problems across the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves – from radio frequencies to gamma rays. Numerical methods and techniques developed and implemented in this area are now used every day to solve complex problems in diverse application areas, including but not limited to antennas, telecommunications, biomedical imaging, sensing, energy harvesting, nanotechnology, and optics. The purpose of this book is to provide a broad overview of the recent efforts in computational electromagnetics to develop and implement more robust, stable, accurate, and efficient algorithms.

After an extensive overview of the main trends in computational electromagnetics, individual chapters written by international experts explore the state-of-the-art in frequency-domain surface integration; frequency-domain volume integral equations; time-domain integral equations; time-domain methods for plasmonic media; finite element methods; geometric modeling and discretization for integral equations; hierarchical vector basis functions; analysis of electromagnetic fields in multilayered media; acceleration and parallelization techniques; periodic problems and determining related eigenvalues; algebraic preconditioning; high-frequency techniques and hybridizations; and uncertainty quantification for large-scale electromagnetic analysis.”

The book “New Trends in Computational Electromagnetics” edited by Özgür Ergül was released on January 17, 2020, and is now available for purchase on the IET website or via Amazon.