Canadian Connected & Autonomous Vehicle R&D Mission

We are proud to have participated in the Canadian Connected & Autonomous Vehicle R&D Mission in South Korea. We were selected by the Canadian government to represent the innovative industry in Canada and to make our way into the global market. In Seoul, we participated in networking events and meetings with researchers, public agencies and Korean companies, including Hyundai, Kia, LG, and Samsung.

Some highlights from this RND mission were touring the world’s first 5G test-bed, driving in an autonomous vehicle and presenting our technology at the Canada-Korea networking forum. We were able to share our mission, which is to use our technology to enable the design of safer and more reliable vehicles for the future. This allowed us to connect with potential partners in the realms of 5G equipment and autonomous vehicle manufacturing. 

This opportunity was made possible with the support received from the Canadian Embassy in Seoul and the Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP). We want to thank the  Canadian Embassy for organizing this event and providing us with the opportunity to be a part of it.

President Jon Aronsson (Left) while attending the Canadian Connected & Autonomous Vehicle R&D Mission in Seoul. Photo Credit: Annabelle Larouche
President Jon Aronsson (Centre), among attendees of the Canadian Connected & Autonomous Vehicle R&D Mission in Seoul.