Our Mission

We enable the next generations of smart cities, connected vehicles, and electronic components.

Using our revolutionary EM simulation technology, we allow industries to solve the design problem.

Connected Vehicles and Smart Cities

Recent progress in wireless communications resulted in the abundance of electronic systems talking to each other. Those systems require high bandwidth, mitigation of interference problems, and facilitation of propagation at 5G frequencies. 

CEMWorks’ solutions allow simulating city-block scale scenarios using unprecedented electromagnetic solver technology:

  • Smart Hybridized Solver

    Hierarchically decomposes the problem and chooses the most efficient way to solve it.

  • Stable Mathematical Formulations

    The formulation of underlying equations are carefully selected to enable broadband simulations for metals, dielectrics, and metamaterials.

  • Cloud-Based Deployment

    The solution is readily available for cloud-based deployment to allow for large-scale simulations.

Frequency Selective Engineered Surfaces

Recent rapid progress in the design of metamaterials has inspired new applications. A new generation of vehicles, building materials, antennas, and various electronic components use Frequency Selective Engineered Surfaces (FSES). 

Simulation of FSESs poses a significant computational challenge, and until now designers have used approximate techniques to simulate them.

CEMWorks’ technology allows designers to achieve full accuracy in their FSES designs, including

  • Surface Curvature

    FSESs can be deployed on curved surfaces that can significantly influence its effectiveness

  • Edge Effects

    We can model the exact finite size of the FSES without using the infinite periodic structure approximation techniques.

  • Irregular and Arbitrary Pattern

    No matter how complicated is the design of the FSES, we can accurately simulate it.

  • Large-Scale

    We have successfully simulated FSESs of hundreds wavelength electrical size.

Electronic Components

Our tools enable fast and accurate simulation of complex layouts and material properties.

  • Efficient Layered Medium

    Our integral-equation solver handles complicated layered profiles very efficiently.

  • Customization

    We provide custom tools to set up the simulation you need.

  • Accelleration

    Our linear complexity parallel solver are ready to handle large-scale simulations.

Benefits to customers

Reduce Time to Market

Fast and accurate simulations reduce the required number of design iterations.


Perform simulations in the cloud to avoid investing into own infrastructure.

Better Product Design

Ability to perform large-scale simulations with unprecedented accuracy results in better designs.


CEMWorks customizes the simulation tools for the special usage cases.


We enable large-scale simulations for the product's of tomorrow.

Reduce Costs

Cheaper cloud-based simulations at lower cost.